If you are just as crazy about sunsets as we are and eager to learn more about Balinese culture, keep reading this article. Today we’re going to take you to South Bali, introduce you to the traditional Kecak Fire Dance and show you how the perfect sunset looks like from the cliffs of Uluwatu Temple.

Uluwatu Temple

Where else would a sunset be more stunning than from the edge of a cliff? You can’t visit Uluwatu Temple without checking out the remarkable sunset as the waves of the Indian Ocean are hitting the shore. Don’t hesitate to join the crowd heading to the cliff-top amphitheater and watch the traditional Kecak Fire Dance performance as the sun goes down in the background.

View from Uluwatu Temple to the cliff and the Indian Ocean

Did you know that Bali is surrounded by six key temples believed to be the island’s spiritual pillars? Built on a cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level, Uluwatu Temple is one of them. According to the Balinese Hindus this temple is dedicated to protect the island of gods from the evil sea spirits.

What is Kecak Dance?

Kecak Dance or Tari Kecak is a traditional Balinese art performance, also called as the “monkey chant dance”. The dance and music show is performed by the a cappella choir of a hundred men, intoning a “keh-chack” polyrhythmic chant during the more than one hour performance.

They are seated tight in concentric circles, wearing sarongs. The main characters of the story are dancing inside the circle, this is where the action happens.

Crowd surrounding the male performers of the Kecak dance in Uluwatu during sunset

Fire Dance

As the final episode of the Kecak Dance, a trance ritual is accompanied to the show. The fire kicking performance, known as the Fire Dance is truly a breath-taking end of the performance. The sun is almost down and the dancer being in the stage of trance dances in the flames on barefoot. He dances on smouldering wood and the men keep sweeping fire under his feet.

For more check out this video about this unique experience we had on the cliffs of Uluwatu:

Words by Ágota
Pictures by Loránd

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