Singapore is known as the city in a garden for a reason. Wherever you go, it feels like walking in a dreamy garden and sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a rainforest.

Singapore street view with trees on the roadside and a car driving by

Garden City

The garden vision was introduced in 1967 by the then prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. The main purpose of his plan was to transform Singapore into a sustainable city with abundant lush greenery and to create a clean environment in order to make life better for the people. Well, they convinced us. 

Bridge with tropical greenery in Singapore

Singapore breathes air. This city aims to be a genuine eco-friendly place and this kind of mindset can be seen in every little detail starting with the general rules through the artificially created green zones. There are streets and neighbourhoods where smoking is prohibited and there are large screens with ad campaigns transmitting tips on how to reduce waste. 

Trees on the balconies

This city is a concrete jungle with trees on the balconies. Yes, you get the big city feeling, yes, you can admire a light show, yes you’ve got the highway to drive on. But at the same time, you can see trees and bushes on the buildings, forest-like parks with people jogging or practicing yoga, man-created indoor rainforests to raise attention to the importance of nature.

Singapore street view with trees on the balconies

The Garden City hides the world’s largest indoor waterfall, uncountable species of tropical plants, artificial trees and many more. The purpose is to grab every little chance to transmit one single message: nature is everything.  Water and air is everything. Whether you’re a lucky local or a passing visitor in Singapore, you have to understand the message and spread the word.

Indoor waterfall in the city of Singapore

Example to follow

In Singapore you have the possibility to refill your water bottle whenever and wherever you need to. For them, living by these principles seems to be the easiest thing to do, while most of the world is still having issues with introducing rules to finally start doing something for a better future.

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