Bangkok is a popular tourist destination for many reasons, but one thing is sure: you can’t skip visiting the world-famous Khao San Road when you’re in the city. In 2000 a movie based on Alex Garland’s best selling book, The Beach starring Leonardo DiCapro was released and it described this street as the “centre of the backpacking universe”. Been there, seen that, they were absolutely right. 

This stunning road is truly the heart of nightlife, full of bars and nightclubs on both sides offering cold beer and many other treats you might not expect. Khao San Road is the place where you can enjoy a traditional Thai meal, but you can try some bizarre foods as well. 

Let me show you the wilder face of the famous Asian street food and the way we remember it

Bizarre foods in Bangkok, spiders, scorpions, bugs on plates

Barbecue time

Forget chicken and pork, once you reach Khao San Road, it’s time for a crocodile barbecue! Roasted crocodiles are common meals around here, so don’t hesitate to stop and buy yourself a delicious slice. It’s not a cheap treat, a slice will cost you 300 Baht, but it’s something you don’t eat everyday. The taste? Crocodile meat tastes like mixing chicken and fish together, but the texture is tough like an overcooked beef. 

Roasted crocodile in Bangkok

Poisonous pleasure?

When I was a kid, the first thing I learned about scorpions is that they are dangerous and the best is to avoid them. Well, this sage advice was kept and followed faithfully until a certain point when I found myself eating one on Khao San Road. Cooked scorpions are safe to eat, even the stinger can be left on, because the venom breaks down from the heat. So put aside your fears and enjoy the crispy, salty taste!

Bizarre food: Cooked scorpio on a stick in Bangkok

Crispy nightmare

When it comes to bizarre foods, eating a spider is a must! I’m not going to lie, when I saw a huge tarantula disappearing in my boyfriend’s mouth, I ran away. But I asked him how was it and he said that it had a similar taste to scorpion and the abdomen was soft and bitter. Those who seek to try something really bizarre, obviously, this is your chance. 

Cooked tarantula on a stick in the centre of Bangkok

Bon Apétit! Enjoy your meal!

Words by Ágota
Pictures by Loránd

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