Krabi Elephant Sanctuary offers a loving home to overtired elephants who have worked many years in logging and tourism industry. This sanctuary doesn’t allow riding or chains, here people in small groups can interact with the elephants in their natural environment during their daily routine in an ethical and respectful way.

Elephant eating bamboo


After taking pictures with these beautiful creatures, the staff provided us some baskets full of bamboo and cucumber, so we started to feed the elephants with much enthusiasm. We were lucky enough to help the staff prepare a special mix of vitamins, what they prepare twice a day in order to keep the animals healthy. In the end, it looked like a meatball and we put them directly in the mouths of the elephants. It was hilarious!


Lunch was followed by a short walk to the so-called mud spa. We were told not to walk too close to the elephants in order to avoid any accident. As I previously mentioned, there was no riding, just walking with the elephants, adjusting our steps to their speed.

Couple walking with elephants

After a few stops for dessert (the trees and bushes seemed to hide some tasty treats) the march arrived to the lake filled with mud. The elephants right away started to play, throwing mud on themselves and not only. Obviously, it was time for a real bath. For everyone.

Asian elephants covered in mud next to mud lake.


Taking a bath with elephants is a unique experience one can never forget. You are in your swimming clothes with a bucket and a brush in your hands, ready for action. As soon as the elephants are ready, you can start brushing them while they are relaxing in the water. It was funny and a totally different thing we have ever done.

Men washing elephants with brush in a lake

Final Thoughts

Couple feeding feeding elephant with bamboo

Seeing elephants is what we all want when visiting the beautiful country of Thailand. But please keep in mind that not all experiences we pay for is pleasant for the animals too. To stop their pointless suffering, visit a sanctuary instead of paying for riding or jungle trek. Yes, it costs you more, but this way you can stand out and show an example people may hopefully follow.


Sponsorship is also great way to help these beautiful creatures to live a happier life. Food, medical care and shelter is not free for the hard working people who keep this sanctuary going for years. Once you’re there, you can purchase their merchandise, but you can also donate by visiting their official website.

Elephants enjoying bath time

Words by Ágota
Pictures by Loránd

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