Have you ever been dreaming about sipping your coffee on a nice terrace next to a blue lake and snowy mountains? I guess you have, so read carefully, I just happen to have an idea. Visiting this place might be the best idea of this spring, so let’s discover together the pearl of northern Lombardy, the hidden place celebrities adore, Lake Como.

Thanks to its proximity to such tourist attractions as the city of Milan or the Alps, Lake Como is a popular destination for those who need some time to relax far from the noise of the crowded cities. Lake Como ringed by its hills, small towns and villages is less than an hour from the bustle of Milan. If you are visiting the city of fashion and business, it is absolutely a must to take a break and check out this stunning place.

Lake Como on a foggy day

When to visit?

I think a spring or a fall trip is the perfect choice for Lake Como. Between May and August the lakeshore gets busy as many tourist visit this place. In order to avoid the crowd, plan your trip sometime between March and May, also a weekend getaway in September or October should be just fine!

What to see?

As you arrive, the first thing to catch the eye is the panoramic view of Lake Como or Lago di Como, surrounded by its hills. Small towns and villages are built on these hills all over the lakeshore, also nice bars and restaurants offer the visitors all the tasty Italian meals one can only imagine!

Bars and restaurants on the streets of Como

The prestigious villas and hidden palaces give retreat to many celebrities and wealthy people. George Clooney, Madonna or Gianni Versace are a few of all those famous people who have owned luxurious properties in the city of Como or on the lakefront. Also, Murder Mystery by Netflix starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler was filmed here lately.

After or instead of chasing celebrities, the city of Como has a lot to offer to its visitors. Churches, museums, memorials, shops are within walking distance, so it won’t require much time and effort to check everything on your list. Don’t forget to visit the Como Cathedral, also the Silk Museum worth visiting as well.

Day trip to Bellagio

When you’re done exploring the city of Como, jump into some comfortable shoes, get on a bus or on a boat and head to the most famous town of Lake Como, Bellagio. Since everything is within walking distance Bellagio is the perfect destination for a one day trip. All you need for the sightseeing tour is a pair of comfortable shoe and a strong espresso to keep you climbing the stairs, cause ups and downs are definitely coming!

Lakehouse on the shores of Lake Como

Get ready to be amazed by the charming alleys leading to the lakefront and the tiny little streets of the old town. You can find a bunch of shops on the streets, not just souvenir shops but local designer stores selling clothes, bags, jewelry and other accessories as well.

As you keep walking on the lakeshore you will reach the tip of the village, Punta Spartivento. This place is famous for its breathtaking view, so this is the perfect place to take those amazing instagram photos. From this spot of the town, you get to see the snowy mountains and the sparkling bright blue water of the lake.

Have your lunch or dinner in family operated restaurants! Being a guest in Bellagio even for a lunch can turn into a truly amazing experience. Eating in a local restaurant feels like being a dinner guest at a welcoming Italian family. Don’t forget to top your meal with an espresso to keep your day going!

The colourful houses on the streets of Bellagio

When you get tired of walking, take a boat tour to experience sailing on the lake and check out the exquisite villas owned by the famous stars of Hollywood. Lay back and enjoy the same view your favorite movie stars pay millions for!

What to expect?

Breathtaking views, a beautiful blue lake, snowy mountains, delicious dishes, tasty coffee, quality wine and welcoming locals. Sounds like the perfect weekend getaway, right? Start packing now and keep feeling travelous!

Words by Ágota
Pictures by Loránd

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